How to look Amazing in your Wedding Pictures

After years of working with brides and photographers, naturally, we’ve picked up a few tips on how to look amazing in your wedding pictures. And, we wouldn’t be your friends if we didn’t share these tips with you. Here are a few you will want to start practicing today;

Good Posture

You’ve noticed how elegant models and dancers look in magazines and red carpet, right? Well, the secret is they all having good postures. Don’t worry if you’re a sloucher, chances are, like us, you spend most your time hunched over a computer screen and can’t snap out of the bad habit, well this simple tip will have you looking graceful in no time. It’s so easy you can practice as you’re reading this. Start by rolling your shoulders back and elongating your neck. Done! Instantly you’ll create a flattering angle for your face and have a posture to rival anyone celebrity on the cover of Vogue.

Create Space

When standing, most of us don’t really know what to do with our arms. They’re just there, hanging, and when you’re holding a bouquet the situations become just that little more awkward. So, our advice is to keep your elbows bent. This will create a triangle space between your arm and body, the open space will flatter you figure no matter what your shape. So, when standing remember ‘triangle.’

Find your Angle

We’ve all noticed how a certain Mrs. Beckham stands at an angle when having her picture taken, well there’s a reason for this and you’ll instantly notice what when you try it. You should practice this step in a full-length mirror. Don’t be shy, all you have to do is turn your body at a 45-degree angle and voila! Your body looks amazing. This angle is more flattering than facing the camera straight on, it gives your body and face more depth, and it showcases your yummy curves.

Know your Light

Promise us one thing; you won’t use a camera flash, promise! The digital flash created will highlight any silica powder in your makeup, and by highlight, we mean white unflattering powder. Not sure what we mean, think celebrity red carpet makeup mistakes. The powered reflects the light from the flash, highlighting exactly where you’ve applied it. Trust us, it’s not a good look for anyone. You will also want to stay away from artificial lights, instead, look for a light that is softer and diffused.


Finally, just relax and be you. Nothing beats a natural smile. But, if you instantly freeze when a camera is pointing at you, try this simple tip; think happy. Just before the photographer takes the picture remember something that makes you happy, it can be anything, your partner, your baby, when you said ‘yes’ or that silly joke your partner told you. No matter what it is, think about it and the happiness will radiate from your face.